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Photon Pair Source
795 nm (other wavelengths on request)

Our PPS-DG is the most advanced quantum light source working at room temperature, generating narrow-band photons at the Rubidium D1 line. Pairs are produced by cavity enhanced Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion (SPDC) in monolithic periodically polled Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (ppKTP) resonators. The unique design of the PPS-DG enables exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and robustness and makes it a pivotal tool for the most demanding quantum research.

Key features

  • Heralded photons at the Rb D1 line
  • 100 MHz photon bandwidth
  • Tuning range exceeds 10 GHz
  • Heralding efficiency up to 75 %
  • Room temperature operation
  • PM fiber-coupled
  • Robust continuous operation
  • Flexible external pump laser source
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