The unique design of our photon sources enables exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and robustness and makes it a pivotal tool for the most demanding quantum research. Key applications are:

  • Photon pair generation
  • Quantum memory research
  • Quantum communication
  • Quantum metrology
  • Quantum computing
  • Light-matter interaction

Scientific Publications based on our Technology

Single-Photon Storage in a Ground-State Vapor Cell Quantum Memory
G. Buser, R. Mottola, B. Cotting, J. Wolters, P. Treutlein, PRX Quantum 3, 02049 (2022)

An efficient, tunable, and robust source of narrow-band photon pairs at the Rb D1 line
R. Mottola, G. Buser, C. Müller, T. Kroh, A. Ahlrichs, S. Ramelow, O. Benson, P. Treutlein, J. Wolters, Optics Express 28, 3159 (2020)